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New Year's Lament

January 1, 2021

Howdy! My last blog entry described a song writing process, and for this month’s entry, at the end of a very strange year, I am posting a recording of that same aforementioned song “For Mum,” on  The lyrics to “For Mum” are now on the website as well.  And also, I offer you a brief musing about New Years 2020.  

Wishing you and your loved ones wellness and gratitude,

Xoxo Mah Ree


My Weary New Year’s Lament

I’d like to hide under a stone, inside a forest, quiet, alone.

To breathe, inhale with cadence slow,

And watch the breath my cold lips blow.

To sit on cushioned tender moss,

Forget that wakening brings more loss.

Pause while warblers bounce on limb, 

While wood thrush hops and dried leaves spin.

Yet hiding’s no realistic choice, 

For she who will make heard her voice.

While New Years seeks resolve anew; here’s what I have left for you.

My own beleaguered bit of quest: 

To give of myself, of what is my best . . . 

Of my own wealth: more presence, belief, dollars and time;

To stand for all who wait on line.

For healthcare, freedom, equality, 

An end to race based brutality.

A chance to live as WHOLE women and men!

Not 3/5’s or less, my God where have we been? 

There’s no more time, there’s only now

To do more than we might know how; 

To show up! To push for compassion and change, a fair chance for all though this New Year seems strange, 

Maybe it is the most aware we’ve ever been.  

So take a deep breath, and let’s begin again.

To move onward, with peace and ferocity.