Fill 413 Copy


written by
Mary L. Ross

When will we learn to move like birds and

Tilt our wings in synchronicity.

We’ll read the signs that winter’s coming on.

So rest my sweet, for soon we’ll fly away.

Aren’t we all just like a wave at sea?

The blues and greens and crystal glimmering.

We’re pushed around, until we gain some speed.

Come crashing down, and then go back for more.

The steady hum that waits in forests fair is

Just the air of a thousand trees that breath as one.

And though their leaves may fall they feed the earth.

And keep her spinning round.

It’s all a dream; it’s all reality.  

A twilight kiss; I gaze into your eyes.

And now I’m on the pretty Ferris wheel kaleidoscope.

It shines and twirls on by.

Let’s make a chain, like strands of DNA.

Stand arm in arm, til we wrap round again.

See for ourselves, we’re only here for love.

See for ourselves, we’re only here for love.