Fill 413 Copy

What’s Love

written by
Mary L. Ross

What’s love?

Is it a face that I see?

What’s love?

Your light reflected at me?

What’s love, what’s faith, what’s hope –

I don’t know.

But when we walk through this world,

you make it light as we go.

What’s faith?

Is it the kindness in your eyes?

What’s faith?

A belief and no surprises?

What’s faith, what’s hope, what’s goodbye –

I don’t know.

And if you’re weary, I’ll take your hand as we go.

What’s you?

As we careen into space.

What’s me?

Left behind with no trace.

What’s new, what’s old, what’s this life we behold?

And our stories have so many lines yet untold.

What’s love?

Is it a turn of a phrase?

What’s love?

When we think back on these days.

What’s love? It’s sewn in and wrapped up in time.

And though our bodies move on, I’ll tuck your heart

into mine.

What’s love?  What’s love?